Thursday, January 19, 2006

An Opportunity to Play With Our Dinner

Since "the worst damage causing storm since Hurricane Gloria in 1985" that caused my power to go out for three days in 5F degree weather (not including wind chill) where my family and I were held "hostage" by a 15,000 volt cable at our front door, I've become pretty sick.

With a sore throat, chills & fever, it is true that I have been sleeping quite a bit.  And naturally this means dreams, crochet dreams, happen.

So when I dreamt of crocheting with spaghetti -- in finding the right "texture" to make the stitches work up yummily (is there such a word?) I thought I had finally gone off the crocheted edge of reality.

That is, until I stuck my head out of the covers long enough this morning to grab my latest issue of Crochet! magazine!  (March 2006)

Lo and behold I wasn't delirious after all!  It seems designer Belinda "Bendy" Carter has done just that and offers us an opportunity to play with our dinner to create colorful (and certainly unusual) projects! 

And you know I will -- just as soon as I'm feeling better!

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Anonymous said...

Feel better soon, Dee... and have fun playing with your dinner! ~Cris