Monday, January 30, 2006

Pins & Needles

Pins & Needles, pins and needles.  Have you ever got that tingling feeling of pins and needles, that butterfly feeling in your stomach, as you await for an event -- await for results?  That's the very feeling I'm experiencing this morning.

This is partly because sometime tomorrow the end results for the Best of the Blogs will be posted.  Will my blog here be the winner of Knitting/Craft Category?  I don't know.  But I do know it was an honor to be nominated, to be listed with a great group of other fiber/craft bloggers.  And, I'm thankful for the opportunity to represent our craft, our art, Crochet, in this group!  And moreso, I'm thankful for your support!

The other reason for the pins & needles feeling is because I finished some publishing pattern proposals.  The swatches need to arrive by February 1st, so my sweet hubby is off to overnight them to the publisher.  Will the publisher like my proposals?  Again, this is one of those "I don't know" answers.  But I'm thankful for the opportunity to submit them! :)

Of course, to make this proposal process easier for me in the future I need to learn how to have yarn companies send me samples for consideration in my design swatches.  While I do have a rather vast yarn stash, a girl (or budding designer) can never have enough fiber to draw inspiration from!  (that's a big hint to the yarn companies! LOL)

Yep. Pins & needles.  Maybe this is a sign that I should blow the dust off my knitting needles and give knitting another try while I await for the results?  Maybe I should tap into this nervous energy and crochet up some more Chemo Hats.  Either way, I love this feeling and eagerly await the results.  :)

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