Thursday, January 5, 2006

Getting & Sending Messages

Messages.  We give them, we receive them.  They're spoken, written, gestured.  The key is to read between the rows and find the golden nugget that makes that message so important.

Take television for instance.  Many crocheters enjoy "listening" to various programs as each stitch is created.  From time to time we lift our heads up from our work to see the images before us.  In my case it seems I do this most when the commercials start to come on.  I don't know why this is, but I've gotten the message loud and clear.  Have you?

Yes, that's right -- crochet is being touted, promoted, and placed into the public's mind seemingly inconspicuously.  Have you noticed?

First, lets look at the now well known commercial for Glade.  Yeah, you know the one I'm talking about ... the one that features the lady with all her little crochet covers for the air fresheners.  If you listen to what she says when the commercial first comes on, then you got the message.  If you never noticed then pay better attention next time!  LOL ... she says, "...remember to keep those stitches loose!"  Ah!  Crochet advice on national television!  I love it!

She is sooooooooooo right!  If you keep your stitches loose it makes it easier to work in the next time you come around.  (And we're not even touching on the subject of gauge!)

The next commercial is a new one on the air waves. 
Sherri mentioned it yesterday in her blog ... it's the trailer for Queen Latifia's new movie, Last Holiday.  In the trailer they show the clip of her at a gaming table and there's a little dialog going on; she's rolling some dice while saying, "that's why they call it gambling not crochet."  Do you see the message here?

The message I walked away from hearing this is that crochet is not as simple as plopping your money down and throwing some dice.  No, instead crochet is an art form that requires patience and practice.  Once you got the technique under your belt then you go can go wild, throwing caution to the wind and do some wild freeforming!  (*freeform is a crochet technique) Thanks Queen Latifia!

The next commercial to recently air is one for Verizon -- the cell phone/network providers.  Now they don't mention a single word about crochet in their commercial, but if you lift your head up from your work to watch it, you'll SEE  the crochet.  Staring crocheted snowmen in fact.  And the essence of the message is to "stay connected."  See, another truth!  Crocheters should stay connected!  And we can do this by joining local groups and/or joining various online groups -- of which I just happen to have a bunch I belong to listed to the right  -- for your convenience to check out!   (heh heh heh, gotta love those hidden messages!)

The message I received today was a reminder that I need to go and refresh some material at my website as Carol Alexander, editor of Crochet! magazine, has mentioned me in her Crochet! eNewsletter -- she's encouraging crocheters to learn a new crochet technique for 2006 as part of their New Years Resolutions.  (I'm honored for the write-up, Carol!  Thank you!!)  I also happen to agree with her -- what are you waiting for?!?  Go! Visit my site and check out all those techniques I have listed and put one on your New Years Resolution List!!  {{wink wink}}

So now there's a way for you to send a message ... by voting for crochet blogs!  Click here to plugin as many of your favorite crochet blogs/journals under various headings (including your favorite: hint hint) and lets see if wecan get crochet in the lime light!  Or (and?), if you're more interested in getting crochet "heard" on a knit list, then this is the place to go  :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have been "channelling" crochet spirits, Dee!  LOL!  Picture it - Dee in her own t.v. show.  Hand on head, walking over to a group of people seated.  "Someone in this area is having a problem with an afghan.  I see green."

I kill me sometimes!!!  

Funny but I had just sat down to make a replacement scrunchie for my niece's friend and turned on "Lifetime" when I took a break to check email and found this entry.  You might be "channelling" afterall!!!

As for infiltrating the enemy troops, I think I'll pass on the knitting. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow....what a great find!  I am a HUGE crochet fan.  I've been crocheting for almost 30 years now (since I was 9) and I have made thousands of items!  I totally hear you on these "subliminal crochet messages"  Everytime my family and I (2 girls, 3 boys and a husband) are watching TV and I see something crocheted I have to shout out "Crochet alert!!" and I have been shouting it out more and more.  My family has been known to shout it out when it is actually knit, but I don't usually correct them.
I stumbled across this site because I was soaking up tons of information on crochet and husband and I will be opening a yarn shop in the near future and I am super excited about it!!  I'll have to keep coming in here as a regular, as I think this is one of my favorite crochet journal entries I have read!!