Monday, January 9, 2006

In a Sea of Purls

Remember the other day when I mentioned I was a nominee for "Best of the Blogs" in the Knit/Craft category?  Well, I was advised today that CrochetWithDee is now a finalist!  In a sea of purls and a crafter, CrochetWithDee is the only crochet blog to be listed as one of the Best of the Blogs.  Wow!  You know, I was flattered to be nominated; I'm totally tickled to be a finalist! 

Is it possible for the "step-sister" of the fiber arts to pull it off?  Who knows.  But as long as they don't have a singing competition, I think we have a shot.  (Oh why couldn't I have had laryngitis this week instead of last week!  You don't think they're gonna make us sing, do you?  Maybe I could sing this song...)  Voting starts on the 10th.

I'd like to extend a big "crochet-ulations" to the other finalists I am listed with:

Amelia Raitte: My Fashionable Life


Grumperina goes to local yarn shops and Home Depot

savannahchik knits

See Eunny Knit!


The Knitting Fiend

knit and tonic

Vintage Knitting


Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!  Are you a Squeeze fan too???  

I think you can pull it off quite nicely!  Give those knitters a run for their needles!

Hugs and best of luck to you!  Sheila

Anonymous said...


Congratulations!!!  You go, woman!! Your blog really is the bomb and I'm sending you all my best energy best vibes!


Anonymous said...

Good for you!