Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Following the Picture Trail

One of the cool things that the image hosting site known as PictureTrail is doing is contacting the image owners and letting them know which of their pictures have received the most views in the past 7 days.  It's something like an overview of the "Top 5."  I like this new feature because it shows me where the interest is, for that week anyway, in my crochet work.

And for several weeks now my beaded bikini top has been a top performer.  I only wish there was a picture trail that would lead me to the reason on why -- is there an interest in crocheting bikinis and/or with crocheting with beads?  And yes, the bikini has over 700 beads per "cup" and looks even better "in person."  (No, I will not model it.)   :o}

Another top performer of the week is the doily I crocheted last summer when I was playing with some thread I picked up "on the cone."  The picture features a baby picture of my mother and a ballet picture of me when I was a youngster.  I wonder what lead to the high interest in this shot.  Was it the thread I used, the pattern, or maybe you all just wanted to see if I was ever a platinum blond -- or wanted to see if the garment my mother was wearing in the photo was knit or crocheted?

The shocker image, no, that's not right -- the image is not shocking; but the fact that it made it to the list after a few years of being dormant is my "ugly square."   Where did the sudden interest in it come from?  The square was one of my first tinkerings with "free form" crochet.  The idea was suggested to us that we should challenge our entire crochet club members to intentionally crochet the most ugliest square they could imagine. We did, and the image you see here was my piece.  We then assembled the squares into an afghan and submitted it for judging.  We called it "The Ugliest Afghan" and ended up walking away with a Ribbon!  Thing is, the afghan wasn't ugly; it turned out beautiful!

** Note: to see the images clearer, click onto them for full view.  To see more of my work visit my albums at http://www.PictureTrail.com/CrochetWithDee.  J

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Anonymous said...

Dee, have you taken a look at Flickr? It's at www.Flickr.com. There are a lot of things you can do with it. I think you might like it.