Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Birthday Thoughts

Birthdays are always a fun way to measure where you've been in your life, and a time to look to the future to see where you'll want to be.  It's the path, the journey you take that makes it so interesting.

I'm not saying by any means that the path will always be smooth, after all how many of us bought beautiful yarn and found knots along the way -- "gifts" from the manufacturer.

And how many of us have frogged (ripped) out projects because we either didn't like the fiber, the pattern, or lost interest in the project?

These are what I call bumps in the road of life, in crochet.  And from each bump we learn something from it.  We either learned how to avoid future bumps (if possible) or we learned how to go around them -- or if you've been hanging with me here at CrochetWithDee long enough -- you've learned we can plow right through them -- we can break the barriers and look at things in a different and more positive way.

It's life, and it's crochet.  And in just a few short days my baby girl and my blog here will be celebrating their birthdays.  We'll be taking time to look to the past to see how much they've grown, and we'll be looking to the future to see where they want to go.  All while we cherish what we have -- today.

Go ahead, do some stitching.  Create some memories to look back upon while making plans for new ones. ;)

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