Thursday, December 2, 2004

Scarves, Scarves, Scarves

It seems I've been crocheting scarves for months, and looking back, I have!  First for charity, then for my children's teachers. Now I'm working on a scarf (and hat) for my father. I'm using the yarn called LanaGatto and it's HEAVEN to work with.

It's a wool/viscosa blend that I picked up on clearance ... 95% of it is actually is wool, and one would think that it would be quite itchy. But it's NOT!! Perhaps this is because of the 5% viscosa they blended in (viscosa is rayon). This yarn is so incredibly soft that I can't help but pet my work after finishing a few rows.

The scarf is simple ... just 22 single crochets -- an "I" hook. The color I'm using is #6970. In the picture to the right, the color looks nearly black. In reality, it's a cross between royal and navy blue with bursts of color now & then, sprinkled with little white threads throughout.  It's beautiful.  I'm hoping my father likes it as much as I'm enjoying working it up.

Later today I'll be donning on a Santa hat and ho ho ho-ing it downtown to our local Salvation Army. I'll be joining other members of our CGOA Chapter to haul in a fantastic bounty of goodies for all the boys & girls in need. We'll be donating some 80 plus sets of hats, mittens and scarves, and many, many brand new toys. This is what the holiday season is all about: Helping Others.

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