Tuesday, December 7, 2004

"house cleaning" chores aren't so bad

           This is AWESOME!
             Great job Hon!

Last night I stayed up late, burning the midnight oil as they say, to put the finishing touches on the Santa Hat my boss requested I crochet for him.  After tucking in my last tail, and even adding a couple bells to the pom pom, I laid the hat on the computer where I knew my dear husband would see it this morning before heading off to work.

When I got up this morning, he had left a note for me stating the above.  I have to agree with him!  This is one of the MOST luscious items I've ever created!  All I need to do now is to vacuum it.  Yes, that's right, I said "vacuum."  And it's Lily Chin's fault, er, idea. (lol)

Her idea is to secure panty hose on the end of the vacuum hose and to "suck" out all the eyelash rather than to pick it out strand by strand to fluff it out.  So, with a 90-minute school delay this morning due to yesterday's storm, I'll have plenty of time to do my vacuuming.  (See, some "house cleaning" chores aren't so bad when we implement them into our crocheting... LOL)

I'm hoping I've only misplaced my digital camera ... in the meantime, I'll take a picture with my regular camera and post a picture sometime this summer (LOL: knowing my frequency in getting rolls developed, this is so true! LOL)

As far as the details on this Santa Hat goes, I crocheted it using three balls of Sinsation chenille, and one hank of Cherry Tree white & silver eyelash.  I "doubled up" on the eyelash as I crocheted the brim as otherwise it was too thin and didn't look right.  I didn't write the pattern down as I created it, but it was essentially created from the brim to the tip using mostly half-double crochets.  The length of the hat is exaggerated (a bit long), but I think it just WORKS with the fibers my boss picked out for this project.  (Whee! What fun, John! Thanks!!)

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Anonymous said...

"Luscious" is an understatement!  The Santa hat is gorgeous and very luxurious!  Everyone was "petting" it today at the shop.  Beautifully done, Dee!