Monday, December 6, 2004

MMmmmmm mmmmm!

The other day I mentioned how I love good news.  Well, now I can tell you when you can watch for that good news too! Celeste reports that her pattern will be published in the 2005 May/June or July/August issue of Quick and Easy Crochet! ... so if you want to subscribe to it, or if you want to give a subscription as gift this holiday season, be sure to checkout the website magazinevalues.

Yesterday, when the weather was not so frightful (we're in the middle of a snow & freezing rain storm), we went to
Jones Family Tree Farm and picked out a most beautiful Blue Spruce Christmas tree.  While we were there we visited their Gift Shop where I found a beautiful cream & red (thread) crocheted ornament. Of course I bought it!  Right along with a jar of Maple Pecan Pumpkin butter.  MMmmmmm mmmmm! lol

I need to hunt down Freddie in the next few days. She's the editor of the Chain Link Newsletter put out by the
CGOA.  She works for a yarn shop that sells a design software package I'm interested in.  It appears that Santa wants the specs on the software... (it's different from the software I mentioned the other day) I must contain my excitement because just because he's asking about it doesn't necessarily mean it will be under the tree.  (Hey Santa, it's OK if it's not. Pressurized coal works too! lol)

I did manage to stop by the Craft Basket today.  They will close their doors in just over a week.  It's sad they're going out of business.  Everything in the store is 50-60 percent off.  Surprisingly, they still had some yarn left.  And not so surprisingly, some of it came home with me today.  MMmmmmm mmmmm!

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Anonymous said...

Just like a kid in the candy store when it comes to yarn, aren't you, Dee???  LOL!  Ahhh, i can't blame you on a sale like that!  Hugs, Sheila