Thursday, December 23, 2004

In Case You Missed It: Crochet Fantasy Press Release

As of Dec 10, 2004, a verbal agreement has been reached between All American Crafts, Inc and Fiber Circle Publishing to transfer publication of */Crochet Fantasy/* magazine. Long the leader in fashion crochet projects, both companies look forward to this second generation of ownership and the possibilities a change in editorial direction offers. In the future, look for more articles and a focus on technical education to join the already well established emphasis of crocheted garments and accessories. Selling a magazine is always an emotional issue for the founders, and All American Crafts did not come to this decision lightly, but their love of the needlearts can be seen in this opportunity to continue supporting their crochet audience.

Many details still remain to be worked out, and information is still being exchanged on both sides. We anticipate the sale to be complete the first week of January. Fiber Circle Publishing will resume fulfillment of all active subscriptions. Unfortunately, the ownership change and other factors has caused a slight delay the next publication date - look for the next issue in late-February on newsstands, in local yarn shops and subscribers mailboxes.

Fiber Circle Publishing looks forward to /Crochet Fantasy /joining their hand and machine knitting publication,/ INKnitters/, and the opportunity it affords them to bring quality material to an expanded audience.

Diane Piwko
Fiber Circle Publishing

This is great news!  Crochet Fantasy was a great magazine and many of us were saddened with the unexpected announcement that the publication would cease.  One might go so far as to say that this announcement is a "Holiday Miracle!"  J

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Anonymous said...

hi i am so happy that crochet fantasy is being continued. this magazine is awesome, and i have many issues of older and newer ones that i use all of the time, its sad that the current owners had to transfer ownership, but am so glad that they didn't just quit.!!!!!thanks for sharing this wonderful news with us. vicki in washington state