Thursday, December 16, 2004

Move Over Pine Needles, Flowers Will be A'bloomin'

Last week I was asked to look at a knit magazine.  In it contained pictures of beautiful roses that were knitted.  The underlying theme was that they were knit in strips, rolled then secured with a bit of sewing.

On Monday, while doing lunch duty at my children's school, one of my students waved me over.  She excitedly pulled out a Lion Brand pattern featuring a rose.  "Oh, Dee! You've just got to help me figure out how to do this!!" she exclaimed.  I briefly read the instructions over and declared her more than ready to tackle this pattern.  (It's construction theme is much like that I saw in the knitting magazine.)  She smiled at me and we made a date to meet.  That was yesterday, and she did just fine!

On Tuesday, while teaching in Stamford, one of my students whipped out the same Lion Brand pattern and said, "Dee! I want to do this! Tell me there will be a time when you can go over this with me!!"  I smiled.  Yes, it appears Roses are in full bloom and I'll be teaching a workshop on various flowers come February.

I checked the Lion Brand website but could not locate the pattern.  Perhaps it was just released and they haven't had time to post it.  In the meantime, it appears that the store known as The GAP has jumped on the blooming band wagon and is offering crochet roses for sale (check out the flower to the left -- to see more that The GAP is offering, click onto it) So, no matter where we turn, everything in fashion, it seems, will be a'bloomin'.

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I have found a piece of equiptment that was used by my Mother.  It is used to stitch what I think is called Angel Lace. It is two metal bars with a piece of plastic that fits at the top and the bottom and somehow I stitch with the yarn between the two poles.  I can't figure out how to use it.  I am leaving this Thursday for Florida and would love to work on this while I travel.  Maybe you can help me make sense of this piece of equiptment.  My e-mail is