Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Losing My Mind?

Just when I thought I was nearing a clearing in the woods, someone went and stuck another forest in front of me! Here I was, thinking that once I'm done with the blog/website move I'd be able to pick up my hook and happily crochet ... only not so. AOL has decided I don't have enough to deal with. They announced they will no longer host images/pictures. Should I start re-screaming now? I know a bunch of pictures did not transfer over from my AOL Journal to my blog here (such as those from the CGOA Conferences) ... so now along with moving the images to a new host, I also have to think about if I want to invest the time to go back and edit those postings. Arg!

Looking forward to a little relief from looking at a computer screen all day, this afternoon I brought my bag of crochet to the children's after school band practice. I'm the band's "Mom," so it's my job to keep the kids in line while they await their lessons. One of the children, we'll call her Sunshine, (she has a sweet, bright personality), asked me last week if I would teach her how to crochet. I said sure. Bring a skein of yarn and a hook and I'd be happy to. I reached into my bag to discover I left all my crochet hooks at home. More Arg!

So there I was, hook-less when Sunshine walked up to me this afternoon with a big smile on her face. Sunshine was ready for her lesson! She reached into her bag and pulled out her yarn and her ... knitting needles. Knitting needles? Gulp. This would be interesting.

I apologized. I explained my position: I'm a crocheter not a knitter. But if she were willing, we could test my memory together. She was game. I taught her how to cast on using Margaret's technique (I like to use it for Tunisian crochet), and then I showed her how to remove the loops from one needle to the other. Hey, I'm thinking, I not so bad at this, you know, teaching knitting stuff. This knitting was feeling good -- real good. I was playing with yarn! Ah, bliss!

Then my daughter came over and looked at what we were doing. "Uh, Mom, that's not right," she declared. I apologized to Sunshine again, restated my positon, and turned her over to the Pro, my daughter who quickly set her straight. (I was teaching the "twisted stitch" method. I am sure Priscilla is shaking her head at me as she reads this.)

What was I thinking; teaching knitting!? Clearly I must be losing my mind ...

... or maybe, based on the enjoyment I got from it, it's a hint I should give knit another go?


Astaryth said...

I just assumed that AOL pics would quickly follow Hometown and Journals. However.... when you are already signed in to blogger/google, go to picasa and check it out. Picasa is where Blogger stores your pictures. I found that all of my AOL pics pretty much made the transition to Picasa. It was only the FTP I had to worry about moving. Hope that helps.

BTW, I like your background and your Blog is looking really nice and YOU!

Pyo said...

Hang in there, you new blog already looks awesome!

Priscilla said...

I absolutely think you should give knitting another go. (And yes, I was shaking my head at your twisted stitches!) I have every intention of being at Borders next week. If you want, bring your knitting and we'll see how it goes. See you then!