Saturday, October 25, 2008

News to Me

I love learning new things about crochet, and this week was filled with various bits of information new to me.

First, to my jubilee, after waiting years (how many, I don't recall exactly, but it's been enough time to say years) it has been confirmed that Patricia Arquette is a crocheter! Ha! I'm so exited to learn this! I suspected she was when I watched one of her appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. They were talking about Halloween, Trick or Treating and such when she reached behind her seat and pulled out an adult sized costume of a Sock Monkey. Based upon the quick close-up shot, and Patricia talking about how long it took to create it, I guessed it was crocheted. But she never said! And so I waited, and now I couldn't be happier about being right about her!

So, there I was, over at the Knit One, Save One website when I noticed they have a Celebrity Caps Game we can play. Not only was I able to correctly guess Patricia's hat right off the bat, but I also learned that Rebecca Romijn is also a crocheter! So that's two new "Famous Crocheters" to add to the growing list! Yes!! :)

Then second, earlier this evening, as I flipped through today's mail to discover the Nov/Dec issue of PieceWork arrived, I discovered the article: "Zigzagging Rags into Shirred Rugs." You guessed it -- it's an article on a crochet technique that was fashionable in the mid 1850's! So it has been added to my growing list of types & techniques of crochet! (Have I mentioned that PieceWork is one of my favorite magazines?!)

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