Monday, October 6, 2008

Phase III almost complete

I have given up on moving my children's "" journal over to blogspot ... it was just too much for my brain to deal with this week.

Instead I decided to make it into a website using  Using their blog option, I moved over one month's worth of journal entries and will give it a few days to see how it "feels."

Anyone interested in checking it out can go to: or just use the original url:

Once the move is completed, this will leave me with moving my Crochet(ing)WithDee sites.  I really am dreading this.  Finding the right home for them is important to me.

Question:  I know all the images I have in my FTP space will be wiped out when AOL makes this blunder of closing down all sites it's hosted for it's members, including it's PAYING members, such as myself.  What will happen to all the images hosted in our journals/blogs?  Hosted in our AOL photo albums?  Does anyone know?


Anonymous said...

To answer your question:

Is AOL Photo Albums shutting down as well? If they are, you might have some trouble because it seems that most of the images in your blog posts are absolutely linked to, instead of relative. (For example: is absolute vs just images/image.gif which is relatively linked.) If AOL is still going to be hosting the images, they'll still show up on your next server. If they're shutting down the photo albums site you'll have to go through and change all of the sources on all of the images in your blog.

Anonymous said...

Dee. aol is a strange duck so I don't know how their stuff works. However if you are using a regular FTP program, then you can FTP everything over to wherever you land. That sounds like it would be super easy so I'm sure that's not how it will work. I've done that in the past, but I've never used aol. If the FTP program is connect to your aol site specifically, then I don't know how that will work so not much help there.