Monday, October 27, 2008

Crunch Time

Less than 5 days remain until AOL shuts down all of the web sites and journals it hosts. Less than 5 days. What does this mean? It means a lot more work needs to be done! For me, I have just a few more webpages to move/recreate/tweak. For you? If you have a website or blog that links to AOL'ers such as myself, you'll want to change the links to reflect the new sites, or if you don't know where that person has moved their material to (IF they moved their material), you'll want to delete the link. I still can't believe AOL is doing this; I don't consider it a good business move.

If you wish to link to me here, use the url:
If you wish to link to my website, use the url:
This way, if I need to move again in the future, you won't need to change the links on your site(s).

On the bright side, I have received word from my MAC user readers that the RSS feed is now working! Yea!! It took reading a zillion pages on RSS feeds, tweaking html code, signing up for this and that, endless cups of coffee -- and, whew!, I'm delighted it works! How about you PC users? Is the RSS feed working for you?

On top of that, I have updated the ICheerforCrochet ring:
I Cheer for Crochet
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If you're not a member of the I Cheer for Crochet squad yet, we're always looking for new Crochet Cheerleaders. All you need is a blog or website that is at least 80% crochet, and presents it in a clean & positive way so that all ages/tastes can be inspired to give crochet a try.
I'd love to update the button for it and think it would be awesome if one of our cheer leaders designed a new one for us. In fact, I will reward the designer with a "Top 10" position in the ring. Let the designing begin! :)


Jennifer Cirka said...

just joined!!!

analea said...

I'm a pc user and you are showing up in Google Reader with no problems. I added you manually, then discovered you were already in my Reader as a 'Blog I Follow'.