Thursday, January 31, 2008

Time Travel?

I am currently reading Dee Jr.'s book, "Shoeless Joe & Me" by Dan Gutman.  Gutman has written a series of books about a boy who has the ability to travel back into time using baseball cards.  Each time he goes back he learns a bit about history, and tries to improve upon it.

... And now that I'm on Chapter 8, where the boy has successfully transported himself back to 1919, it got me to thinking: What if I could use a collecter's Crochet Hook to travel back into time.  What information would I seek; what would I want to see?

The most immediate desire would be to go back to that fateful day when I was surfing the Internet and found myself on someone's website.  It had a host of crochet related items on it, one being the CGOA logo.  I clicked onto that logo and it brought me to the CGOA's website -- my life has been enriched because of that.  I would love to know who's website that was and extend a huge Thank You to him/her.

I would also want to travel back and find out what ever happened to the pink & white baby ripple afghan I was working on when I was eleven.  And travel back further to see the label of my first skein of yarn, and the name of the first crochet hook I ever used.  I'd love to be able to answer if it was wool, cotton, or acrylic.  Bates or Boye.

I'd want to travel even further to see my own mother learning how to crochet, and further yet to see who crocheted a baby blanket for her -- was it my great grandmother?  I'd also like to see my Uncle sitting on the stoop (steps) crocheting as a form of "punishment" when he was a kid!

I'd want to go further back to watch the wagon trains heading West while watching the birth of the Granny Square.  And I can envision many, many more visits into the past to learn more about crochet first hand.

What about you?  If you had a magical vintage Crochet Hook that can take you into the Past, where would it take you?  What would you want to see?


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Anonymous said...

 I must not have read about your blogaversary giveaway. But I think the very first blog I read on your site is the one on the Melody stitch that sent me all the way to Conneticut to learn it from you in person. I loved it and I hope to come visit you again. Happy Anniversary

Anonymous said...

My first crochet hook was a Boye J hook from TG&Y. My first yarn (and only yarn for a long time) was Sayelle acrylic. I would love to go back in time to when my sister was alive and share crocheting with her. I would like to retain the knowledge I have now though! I would also like to talk to my grandmothers and find out if they did any crocheting. I would also like to see some of my first projects then and now to find out how well they've held up over time. :-)