Wednesday, January 16, 2008

She's got Form, She's got Grace, but does she have Yarn?

I sent the children outside moments ago to have some fun snowboarding; they're really enjoying learning how!  This gives me a few quiet moments to get my thoughts together as I've been so busy that I feel if I don't write everything down that needs my immediate attention, I'm afraid they'd be completely forgotten.  [yikes!]

One of the tasks I've been working on is the homework assignment -- assignments really -- for an upcoming Lily Chin class I'll be taking in New York City with my gal-pal Grace.  Grace is well known for whisking me away on fiber adventures, and this weekend will be another one of those fantastic times.

So last night we were chatting on the phone when she started telling me about some difficulties she had with one of the homework aspects.  She said she finally figured it out, but had thought she was going to go crazy.  Then she let out one of those big laughs.  I love when she laughs; she has a great sense of humor.

After the call I decided that perhaps I should start on the homework assignments too.  So I went rummaging through my vast yarn stash searching for a skein, or two, of plain worsted weight yarn that would do the trick.  I must have been searching for quite some time because my children came looking for me. 

                                          "Hey Mom, are you ever coming out of there????"

It took me a moment to realize that I have been SOOOOO good in using up some of my stash for charity projects that I've cleaned myself out of "lonely" skeins.  Wow!  I don't think that's EVER happened to me before!  All I could find were what I call "packs" -- bundles of yarn containing six or more skeins with the same dye lot.  Drat!  Now I had to decide which "happy family" I was going to break up.

Grace called back, and while chatting with her some more I decided I'd use up some of my Caron "Simply Soft Shadows."  It was an easy decision really.  We decided that on the way home, after Lily's class, we'll stop at an AC Moore store -- they're promoting a huge yarn sale, and well, by the looks of it, I need to adopt some more.  :)

And how am I doing on my homework assignment?  Not so good; I have a lot more to do!  Wish me luck.  :)

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