Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Things We Do ...

... to amuse ourselves when we lock ourselves out of our homes in 17 degree (F) weather ...

We wind hanks of yarn into beautiful balls of inspiration.

Yeah, I'd say I'm due for a little pampering, and I plan to do just that tomorrow.  My LYS (local yarn shop) is having a sale, and I'll be there to fill up on happy endorphins.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dee,  The art of crochet is a marvelous ART TO WEAR experience and it is definitely part of the going GREEN movement sweeping american homes today.  I applaud your blog and your enthusiasm even in very cold weather.  I have decided to become an ARTEVIST in the area of going GREEN.   Have you crocheted any shopping bags???? This is a wonderful way to use less trees and save more oxygen producing plants.   Let me know soon.  Bye Kindest REgards,
Blog is   galleryofpoetry