Friday, May 19, 2006

Baby You Can Drive My ... Tank?

A few weeks ago I shared my "baby you can drive my car" collage ... a collection of images showcasing vehicles adorned with yarn, crochet, and knitting.  I now have another vehicle to add, thanks to Ruth ... she sent me a link for a tank!  Yep, one of those "get out of my way or I'll drive right over you" vehicles that every fiberholic should have souped up and ready to go at the slightest hint of a great yarn sale!    ... Check it out; I think it's pretty cool message that they covered a tank as a peace protest(Think Yarn, not War.)

Now if I had a time machine, I'd zip back a few days -- to May 6th of this year to be exact, put on my "Dibs" attire, hop into the tank and drive it right on over to US 321 in North Carolina and insist upon aiding in the clean up of an overturned tractor trailer -- it was hauling some 50,000 pounds (POUNDS!!) of yarn!  The report said that $60,000 worth of damage was caused to the truck, and that the driver was treated and released.  Unfortunately there is still no word on the condition of the yarn. 

Had I been able to get there, naturally, I would have seen to it that the yarn be treated immediately -- here, at my home.
  {{big grins}}

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Anonymous said...

Oh Dee,
 I would have drove as fast as I could to help you out :)I love rescueing yarn!