Monday, May 8, 2006

Tom Hanks, a Tub, and a Hug: It's Not What You Thinking

OK ... first, let me say, I did it!!  I completed both projects in time for my son's First Holy Communion yesterday!  Whoohoo!

Over at Dear Margo, there was a question about where it was OK to work on projects in public -- her basic answer was that as long as it's a casual setting, then it's OK.  Go ahead and take those projects out and happily stitch along; just be sure to pay attention to those around you.  Alright Margo, I like that advice.  But what about in the tub? Is it OK for us to work on our projects thereLOL

Fortunately for me, it never came to that, but I did take my two projects with me everywhere and completed them nearly in the "eleventh hour"  late Saturday evening.  (see above photo where I was caught crocheting while waiting for my children at their school earlier in the week.)

The time includes crocheting 7 balls of delicious fiber, then randomly sewing on some 60 matching Swarovski crystals onto the
Seraphina Shawl; then picking up the arm band to finish crocheting the replacement cross (because I lost the original one I created), blocking, stiffening, and sewing on velco strips onto the arm band.  Whew!

When I was done, the two pieces represented some 60 hours of crochet work.  The arm band features Irish Clones Lace (the inner flowers and the mesh); the Waffle Weave technique (the cross), and modified flowers from the Delta Crochet technique; as well as utilizing the padded single crochet stitch accompanied by picots.

Of course this does mean that I missed out on seeing my favorite actor, Tom Hanks, host Saturday Night Live, and according to the buzz on the Internet groups, I also missed out on Tina Fey's Weekend Report where she did a skit on the recent knit graffiti tagging of NYC by a knitting group known as Knitta Crew.  Reportedly she said, "Sadly, two ladies were gunned down by rival group 'Los Crochet Locos'."  I'm sure I would have thought that funny.  It was based on the actual news article you can read here

Was it worth all the hours and missing Tom Hanks??  When my son wrapped his arms around me and gave me a huge squeeze with a big thanks and a beaming smile -- I think so!  :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats Dee,
The arm band is just awesome. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Belated congratulations to your son on his First Communion!  And congrats to you for finishing everything on time.  The armband is spectacular!

I really love this pic of you crocheting too.  :)  Very pretty in your "natural habitat"!


Anonymous said...

PS - I missed that episode of SNL too. :(  Everyone here, media wise, has been saying "What is up with Tom Hanks' hair?"  I love his new look!