Thursday, May 25, 2006

Globe Trotting ...

Pack your bags and join me for a very interesting (& quick) trip outside of the United States!

Things you'll need to pack:
     * Sense of Adventure
     * A Crochet Project (or too)
     * Google's Language Translator (unless you're able to speak & read languages other than American/English)

All set?  Good!  We'll make two stops today; lets go!

Our first stop is in Brazil.  We're visiting with Marisa Tricot who does some of the most incredible crocheted jewelry I've seen as well as other tasty delights for the eye!  She updates her blog with such wonderful images ... let's go on inside and say hi, shall we? ... (note that the link I'm providing here has already been run through Google's translator) ...
Crochet and Acessórios

That was fun, wasn't it!  You're already thinking of possibilities ... I know!  Me too!  She's incredible, really! 

Are you ready to learn a bit of crochet hook history with a touch of inspiration from the past?  Well then, lets hop on over to France and give
BrambleIcetree a visit!!  ... and remember, we want to be polite and look through dorlaiel's photographs -- it wouldn't be right if we didn't ... Irish Madnesses with the hook (Just be sure to keep your drool in check.)

OK, it's time to head back to the States ... but if you're up for more fiber adventures tonight then be sure to check out the blogs I have listed in the column on the right under "Other Journals."  ... and if you have one for me to check out, please feel free to drop me a line.  :)

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