Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Question From Reader: How do I Promote My Blog?

Dear Dee, I'm thinking of starting a blog but am worried I won't have many visitors. How do I go about promoting it?

That's a great question Sammi, and how wonderful you're thinking about blogging! 
There are several ways to let folks know about your new blog.  Here's some suggestions to get you started:
     1a.  Put a blurb about it in your email signature line.  Each time you send an email out you are letting people know how to find you.

     1b.  If you participate on message boards, or with online groups, be sure your signature line appears there too!  (do make sure the url to your blog is correct!)  The message board or online group does not necessarily need to be about the same theme as your blog, but it does help bring readers with similar interests to you. 

     2.  Join "Rings."  Rings are a group of people with similar interests.  I have a ring for those who are passionate about crochet while vowing to use 'clean' language in their entries.  (To see the ring and the current 21 participants go here:
ICrochetWithDee)  There are many "rings" out there and you can certainly belong to more than just one -- choose those that mirror what your blog is about -- or create your own just as I did.

     4.  Join online communities where blog promotion is "their thing."  There are several sites, but I think the most well known is  When I first joined there was only one other "fiber" blog -- now I see there are many more; this is good thing as it gives the fiber arts exposure to those who normally wouldn't be!

     5.  What will your blog be about?  Will you specialize in one theme, or many?  This will help you determine a title (a title that specifies in what the topic would be about, such as "Sammi's Stitches" to hint it's fiber/craft related; or perhaps "Sammi's Society" to cover more generic/general topics) that best fits what you have in mind for your blog.  Keep in mind that you can certainly have more than one blog!

     6.  Blog about topics you are interested in -- and include links to other bloggers who support your entry topic.  This goes along with the adage of "Playing in the sandbox is fun, but it's more fun when toys are shared."  You link to others and they're apt to link to you.  Once you have the "link thing" going it's just a matter of time for search engines such as Google will find you & list you on their search pages.  
     7.  When you participate with various online groups & message boards, if you've discussed a topic on your blog that is now being discussed in the group, reply to the group stating such and provide a link to that entry.  Those that are interested will visit the entry, and while they're there they are more apt to look around to see what other types of entries you have available.  If they like what they see, they'll come back for future visits.  Some will even "subscribe" to your blog by using services such as and/or

So, once you've done the promoting, it's now important to maintain your readership.  Keep your posts fairly regular so your readers will keep coming back to see what's new.  You do not need to keep it as updated as much as I do -- but DO update on a regular basis.  Your readers will appreciate it.  :)

With all of this in mind, I'd like to introduce two new blogs to you, my readers:
The first is Priscilla, member of The HHCC, a Chapter of the CGOA:
  • By Hook or By Needles

  • The second is by Suzi ... she's just crazy about yarn! And check out this awesome button she made for me! (on right)    Thanks Suzi!  I love it!!
  • Yarn Krazy Kreationz

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