Friday, May 26, 2006

Administrative Thoughts

I've spent most of the day taking care of my daughter who's not feeling well.  Anytime that she doesn't want to read a book about horses, do some crocheting, or practice her new knitting skills then you know she's not feeling well.  But, she did have the energy to boast to her doctor today that she was a fiberholic!  Gotta love moments like that (plus, her doctor said she should be feeling much better by tomorrow.)

So, while I'm taking care of her, I'm also spending time doing "adminstrative" things like updating my website, -- I added links to the Teachers I have studied under, and will be adding new "Famous Crocheters" to the growing list ... it just takes awhile because I need to enter it as html (computer/internet) coding.

My excitement for today was in receiving my Class Confirmation for the 2006 CGOA National Conference.  Here's what I'll be taking:
     * Professional Development Day
     * Professional Development Evening
     * Make Your Own Crochet Hook with Nancy Nehring
     * Designer Workshop with Melissa Leapman
     * Motifs & Circles with Pauline Turner
     * Twists & Turns in Tunisian Jewelry with Kathleen Power Johnson
     * Designing Better Crocheted Fashions with Lily Chin
and * Fine Shaping and Custom Fitting Garments with Lily Chin

Nearly every group that I belong has members that will be attending the Conference this July and is in the process of settling on how to identify the group members.  I was wondering if:
          1.  Crochet Bloggers would like to create some sort of way to be identified -- wearing a crocheted motif of some sort ... perhaps a little "computer" pin (a pattern would need to be created so all bloggers could create one) ... of course this would & should be discussed, so please do & share with me a link where you ponder the idea on your blog.  Also I wonder if theres is an interest to get all the bloggers together for a special lunch, or a group photo perhaps??

          2.  I also wonder if readers of my blog here would be interested in being identified as well?  I'm thinking of something along the lines where you'd have to locate me at the Conference and let me know you're a reader to receive the special "identifier."  I haven't decided what it would be ... but still, I wanted air the idea out to see if this is something my readers, who will be at the conference, would be interested in.  After all, I WOULD need time to create the identifiers -- right?  {{grins}}

Let me know.

And, hey, if you're going to be in a class with me, let me know that too!  :)

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Anonymous said...

Hope the little one is feeling better today, Dee, and you too!  Hey, that pic looks like it could be YOU!  

As for your dilemma(s)....what about t-shirts?  Go with a certain color if you are a crocheter who blogs and perhaps a small "CWD" in iron-on letters on the sleeve if they read your blog?  

Just the first thought that came to mind.  Have a safe weekend!