Friday, May 12, 2006

Dear Husband ...

If I can add to my words about Mother's Day gifts ... sometimes purchased presents are great too and so I find it important to get the word out to my husband:

Dear Sweet O'Hubby of Mine,
     If you're looking to
purchase a special Mother's Day gift for me this year, please take special note that I'm lovin' the crochet jewelry Randi Chervitz has created. Please click onto the picture and pick me out something really yummy, OK?  Fail to and I'll poke you with my crochet hooks while you're sleeping.  For at least a week.  No, make that a month.  But since you're looking for ways to keep me sweet, go ahead, my dear hunny pot, and click onto the image.  That's right ... go ahead, click ... you know I was just kidding about poking you with my crochet hooks, right??
     With Love, The Mother of Your Children

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Anonymous said...

I'm not much a blog commenter but this post had me in stitches.  You go Dee!