Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"Whoops [she] did it again"

This is about as close as you'll ever get to seeing if I actually have "yarn on the brain." ((giggles))  It's an image of one of the actual X-rays I had taken yesterday to determine if I actually broke my nose. (Hey, they sent me home with my X-rays on CD; I just HAD to look!) 

I'll spend this morning hunting down a ENT that's available to look at my X-rays and make that final determination -- is it broke, fractured?  We'll have to see.  I will say two things about this:
1.  My son's head is hard; he's fine and was able to walk away from our collision.  I saw stars.
2. Yes, it hurts. A lot.

This means I have more time to possibly whip up another scarf for the drive!  I plan on listing the final scarf count tomorrow, so for those that are participating, please get those emails & comments in announcing your contributions -- I KNOW we can do it!!

Finally, if you ever wanted to know what happens to an item you crocheted (or knitted), how it touches someone's life, then you'll want to go here and read Pamela's story called "
Whoops I did it again" -- and boy!  Did she ever!  She's a real inspiration!!!


Anonymous said...

ooooh poor Dee, I hope your nose is not broken. Feel better!

Anonymous said...

did you ever realize how many people would be so positively affected by your handiwork?



Anonymous said...

You're a riot; you'll use any excuse to sneak in some crocheting!
I love it!
Your Husband