Monday, November 28, 2005

... having the name "Crochet" -- you should be required to know how

Yesterday Laura left a comment about watching football and having a "crochet sighting."  She was talking about Gerren Crochet who plays College Football for Stanford University.  Based on what I've heard and what I've read, he's an up & coming player.  Will he be going Pro?  I don't know.  But I think what is more important here (at least to me) is does he live up to his namesake?  Does he, as Bo does, know how to crochet?  While we all ponder that question, lets all remember that Rosie also knows how -- and even had some of his works published!

Speaking of football, I dedicated yesterday to being a couch potato.  Now I'm not one to normally camp on the couch and watch/listen to endless hours of television unless I'm not feeling well.  So doing so was quite a challenge for me.   My mission yesterday was to crochet for the entire day  to aid others in need.  I placed a bag of yarn scraps beside me, grabbed a crochet hook and set to crocheting scarves for the scarf drive for the entire day!

Then add to this mix that I'm not one who normally follows football games either.  I don't know one player from another (unless they know a needle craft!) but I did watch several games yesterday.   I picked the teams I wanted to root for winning based on uniform color coordination.  I did not pick the Greenbay Packers because their uniform was not green; it was yellow, and I found this confusing.  When your son and/or husband is flipping channels to watch two different games, it's hard to keep track of the teams.  So if your team name includes a color like "green" then you should have something to do with the color green so your fans (or couch potatoes like me) can have an easier time rooting for you.  And, while I'm on the topic, what's with the Seahawks wearing charcoal?  While the charcoal coloring of the uniforms had eye appeal, real Seahawks are brown and white.  I just don't get it.   It's much like having the name "Crochet" -- you should be required to know how to crochet or be a fan of it, right?  That's what I thought!  (heh heh heh)

The good news is that the excitement in the cheering for the games translated into my work -- my hook was flying faster than the NY Giants could keep missing all those chances to get in that final field goal to win the game.  Only I didn't fail to produce results!  (Sorry NY Giant fans) I whipped out six scarves yesterday!!  Whoohoo!  This brings my personal total for the drive that ends this Wednesday to 14 scarves and 3 hats.

So lets update the total stats, shall we?  (reupdated totals @ 4:39 PM)
          Sherri:  4 scarves
          Jess:     1 scarf
Crochetangel:  1 scarf
        Dee:    14 scarves, 3 hats 
(I'll have another fresh on the hook in a few hours)
  Lori of CT: 2 scarves & a wrap
      Sandi:    1 scarf
(donated to Hurricane Katrina survivor)
      Robin:    5 scarves with another to follow
(being donated to her church for the homeless shelter)
Maureen of PA:  5 scarves
         Margaret:  1 scarf & 2 hats from patterns she wrote that will be published!
               Jane:  14 Chemo hats AND will be teaching a seminar on the pattern!

OK, so our total for the 60 Scarves in 60 days is 34!  We still have the rest of today, Tuesday and Wednesday to try and reach this goal!

If you'd like to participate in helping us reach this goal, here's how it works:  Crochet, knit
(or even purchase)
a scarf and donate it!  There's no need for you to ship anything to me!  Then, email me or leave a comment here that you've done so and we'll add you to the count!  It's that easy -- and all for a great cause! 


Anonymous said...

how do you get in on this goal I would like to know

Anonymous said...

*whoops* in all the holiday hoopla, I forgot to update my scarf total - I have finished 4 more, which brings my total to 9 & I am working on #10...


Anonymous said...

Dee - you have a wonderful website and journal!  I wondered about the caps for chemo patients - how to order and the price??  Have a great day!  Sandy

Anonymous said...

I have done a total of 4 scarfs for you.