Sunday, November 6, 2005

Off to an Adventure Today

I'm excited; I'm getting ready to head off and meet up with a few other crocheters for brunch.  We'll be headed to the restaurant known as "Avon Old Farms Inn" that is filled with a lot of character.  We'll be gathering to discuss and admire beautiful crochet works!  I can't wait; I plan on bringing my camera, so there should be pictures in the near future!!

In the meantime I've been receiving emails with inquiries of what magazines I enjoy and where I get my subscriptions from.  Since the holidays are coming, I thought it would be a good time to "go public" and share this information again.  So, here it goes:
    * Crochet!  (I get it as part of my CGOA Membership)
    * Hooked on Crochet
    * Crochet Fantasy  (this is the only magazine that must be subscribed through them!)
    * Bead & Buttons (have you seen this month's issue? crochet slider necklace & earrings!)
    * Piecework (I'm working on the crochet beret featured in the latest issue)
    * Spin-off

So where do I go to subscribe?  For most I go to
magazinevalues (also known as shoppervalues) ... and right now they have a coupon for 10% off any magazine purchase ... TENOFF ... good until 11/10/05.  For those magazines not offered by magazinevalues I also visit bluedolphin.  

 Getting back to crochet adventures, check out the article here called "Sculptural hats make crochet contemporary" and see what fiberartist Lajla Nuhic is up to.  If you're in the Vancouver area ... plan on checking out her works next weekend!  Vancouver is a bit far for me, so if you go, be sure to share all the juicy details!  LOL ;)  

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