Monday, November 14, 2005

Sleeping Beauty Awakens

I spent most of yesterday sleeping. 
I didn't plan it that way, it just happened.  I closed my eyes to "rest" for a moment  and the next thing I know it's nearly 6 PM! -- And sadly, this meant that I missed the monthly crochet meeting.  Happily, the preemie sets were delivered to our local hospital and they were delighted with our donation!  That's always a great feeling knowing that your work is going for a good cause! 

I do feel refreshed today; like my batteries have been recharged.  This is good thing, especially with the major holidays right around the corner. (Do you really need to ask what I dream about? heh heh heh) Let's not get into what I have on the hook for the holidays yet -- I haven't quite figured that one out myself!  :)

I did spend some time earlier today sewing on some decorative beads and a button to my freeform work that I wrote about on Saturday before mailing it off.  The rest of day I spent sewing in the ends on the scarves I crocheted for the "60 Scarves in 60 Days" Challenge.   I plan on starting another scarf for the challenge later tonight.

Now, let me ask ... what happens when Sixty-One Fiber Artists from around the world, and 61 skeins of yarn all come together?  Why, 
A Fiber Odyssey, but of course! Take the time to visit and learn about each artist that participated ... the work is absolutely AMAZING!!!

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Anonymous said...

Okay so I final looked at this site today and now that class is over and you all have stopped laughing, I want the real Bushy pattren for my book. I just love coming to class and leaving with a smile on my face. 3 only is the right number if you know what I mean. Thanks again for a great day.