Thursday, December 1, 2005

Angels; do you believe?

I do.  I mean, how can I not? 
Look how you all came to help me in reaching our goal of 60 Scarves in 60 Days!!!

 Sherri:  4 scarves
          Jess:     1 scarf
Crochetangel:  1 scarf
        Dee:    18 scarves, 5 hats 
(I'll have another fresh on the hook in a few hours)
    Lori of CT: 2 scarves, a wrap and a hat
      Sandi:    1 scarf
(donated to Hurricane Katrina survivor)
      Robin:   15 scarves!
(being donated to her church for the homeless shelter)
Maureen of PA:  9 scarves 
Margaret:  1 scarf & 2 hats from patterns she wrote that will be published!
Jane:  14 Chemo hats AND will be teaching a seminar on the pattern!
       Karen:     1 scarf
      Brenda:    4 scarves
Cindy: 2 scarves that will be going to her local battered women's shelter
     Michele: 1 scarf & hat set
1, 2, 3 warm scarfs done!  (that was said in her best "Sesame Street count;" click onto the individual numbers to see the scarves)
       Karen:   3 scarf and hat sets

... add it all up and we get 66 Scarves!!!! ... PLUS we also have 23 hats and a wrap all being donated to help those in need!!  

Awesome!  Awesome!!  Awesome!!!

** A Note About the Image Above:  Earlier this morning I took some digital pictures of the scarves & hats that will be donated locally.  I used no flash, no lighting; the only altering to the image(s) was cropping to make them the same size, and adding the "CrochetWithDee" banner.  (It may take a few moments to finish loading, but I think it's worth it. It will run through the annimation process three times before stopping on the "angel.")  It looks to me like an angel appeared -- and I wanted to share it with you all.  Thank you to everyone who participated in this Challenge, and to those that are continuing on!!!   You're all angels!!


Anonymous said...

Very awesome!  Love the pics and that is strange about the image but I'd take it as a good sign!  Sorry that I was unable to contribute a count, however, I have been making and giving hats to friends.  I did download a lot of scarf patterns the other day as I would like to try making one or two.  With this abundance of yarn that I got from a crochet angel over the summer, I'd like to make and donate hat/scarf sets with it.  

PS  How is the nose?

Anonymous said...

in this instance, the "angel" is lens flare.  however, who knows whether or not an angel made it happen???