Tuesday, November 29, 2005

60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge: Count Update

I finished two more, and have received more numbers to add in!  This is so exciting -- and will do soooooooooo much good!!!   Here's the latest count:

          Sherri:  4 scarves
          Jess:     1 scarfScarf Dee Crocheted in 2002
Crochetangel:  1 scarf
        Dee:    16 scarves, 3 hats 
(I'll have another fresh on the hook in a few hours)
    Lori of CT: 2 scarves & a wrap
      Sandi:    1 scarf
(donated to Hurricane Katrina survivor)
      Robin:    9 scarves with another to follow
(being donated to her church for the homeless shelter)
Maureen of PA:  8 scarves
Margaret:  1 scarf & 2 hats from patterns she wrote that will be published!
Jane:  14 Chemo hats AND will be teaching a seminar on the pattern!
       Karen:     1 scarf
      Brenda:    4 scarves

We're up to 48 Scarves!!!!  We need just 12 more by the end of tomorrow to meet the Challenge!  Together I know we can do it!!!

8:24 PM:  Cindy just emailed me ... she has 2 scarves that will be going to her local battered women's shelter.  That makes 50!!! Whoohoo!!

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Anonymous said...

Robin here again. I have finished _3_ more scarfs (which brings my total to 12) plus I'm going to donate  3 scarves I made earlier this year, bringing my total scarves to date 15 scarves.

Hope that helps. I might finish another one by tomorrow night, but I'm not sure