Friday, November 11, 2005

Pain Leads to Crochet Influence Finds

Did you miss me?  I sure missed visiting yesterday -- I was forced to, no, really I was.  I stretched/twisted the wrong way and got a sharp muscle cramp from my back/lung area up to my shoulder.  (I've learned that it can be brutal digging through one's vast yarn stash!)  It still smarts quite a bit but the pain is not as bad; I'm functioning more than I was yesterday! 

I did manage to do a little online pre-holiday shopping, and while doing so I came across some interesting items that are "Freeform crochet" influenced.  Check these out:
Mary Francis Hand Bags (check out the one called "Wild Child" ... that's my favorite).  She has another one here(11/12 Update: since posting this entry the "Wild Child" bag has sold out & was removed from the Mary Francis Hand Bags page -- still though, the bags that remain are just beautiful to look at!)

Wool Floral Bootie (it reminds me of the freeform booties/slippers I saw at the 2003 and 2004 CGOA National Conventions).

The freeform piece here on the right is hot off my hook -- it's a gift for Mel who requested I crochet her a scrumble to add to her collection.    She has been collecting scrumbles from friends across the USA and around the world for an "International Freeform Crochet Friendship Wallhanging" and says she has some 75-100 scrumbles collected so far. 

I decided to set aside the scarf challenge for a few hours and do Mel's scrumble as she's looking to start assembling the wallhanging soon.   For this project I bought some "fringe ends" the other day, and looked through my stash to come up with colors she requested I use: eggplant with blacks, silvers, mauves, lilacs, and opals.  In the middle of the flower is a tiny mirror (about the size of a dime); I added it to the work so "we'll always be able to reflect upon how beautiful crochet really is."  I hope she likes the scrumble.  :)

Freeform sites to visit (suggested by the lovely Prudence Mapstone of

    * (German Blog featuring a beautiful ff sweater)
    * (Another German Blog w/a little "how to" imagery)
    * (not freeform, but if you love food it's well worth checking out -- sure gives new meaning to the term "fiber diet!")


Anonymous said...

Hmm.. I went to that Mary Frances site, but couldn't find the "Wild Child" one you mentioned. There was a "Wild 'n' Wooly", though.. lol. Which page was it on?


Anonymous said...

That really is a pretty scrumble!  I love the colors!  So elegant looking!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain...literally.  I did something to my neck/shoulder myself (most likely digging thru stash also)  Friday I got taken to the ER and got some nice shots.  Well after the morphine and muscle relaxer even the ones right into my neck seemed nice, lol.  Still can't crochet shouldnt be typing.

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