Monday, October 3, 2005

Mo' Details from the KOC2

See, I just knew I left out some details! 

One of the biggest details I missed on sharing this morning was about how the technique known as "freeform" made such an impact!  (Geesh!  How could I miss such an important detail like that?  That's so unlike me!  It must be the exhaustion I'm feeling from having so much fun attending these events!)

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... getting back to the giddy topic of freeform crochet, I want to say what I've already posted to the ever popular online freeform group:  freeform rocked at the Knit Out!

From Margaret's work on the catwalk (thankfully I did remember to mention that on my picture collage earlier this morning!), to the freeform pieces she lent me (& The HHCC) to put on display, and the handouts she offered for me to hand out at my freeform demonstration -- people were asking questions!  They were inspired!

At one point in the day a woman approached me and told the story of seeing child's sweater on display at a previous KOC2 event.  She said it inspired her to try freeform for herself -- and she never looked back!  The concept "so opened [her] eyes" to new possibilities -- and it was my sweater (the one you semi-see on the right) that inspired her!!  Oh, I was so flattered!

When I think back to my freeform "roots" Prudence Mapstone and Margaret Hubert were the ones that got me started -- and now I know that my freeform work has inspired someone else to not only try it, but to love it as well.  To me, that's what going to these events is all about -- being inspired!

In my freeform demo I had a blast telling my students to throw all the "crochet rules" they've ever been taught out the window!  "Experiment," I exclaimed, "to you heart's content!  If you make a mistake, who cares?  It's not really a mistake, it's creativity!"  They were quite excited by the end of the half-hour session, or at least I thought until I whipped them up further into a creative frenzy by telling them that with freeform there's no need to tuck those ends in!  "No!  Leave them hanging!  Then go to tag sales!  Go to those garage sales!  Visit your jewelry boxes and add those trinkets that you love so much!!"  You would have thought I set children loose in a candy store!  {{grins}}  I ended the session by inviting them all to come see me next year and to bring their creations with them; I hope they do!  (and if I just whipped up your imagination into a frenzy of creativity, please take a picture of your creation & share! Share! Share!!!!)

Thanks Margaret & Prudence for opening a new world of possibilites not only to me, but to all those that are just as passionate about crochet and art as I am!  You two are beautiful!!  And thank you to all the freeformers who lent me the urls to their websites to offer at the KOC2 -- expect visitors!!!  :)

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Anonymous said...

OH wow!  These are beautiful.  What a great idea and so creative.  Last spring a gal showed me an afghan she was knitting and she had added different types of yarns to the point where we thought she could have hung it on a wall for it was just beautiful!  Keep creating!  LadyJo