Sunday, October 9, 2005

Chinese Fortunes

On Friday night my children and I had our Chinese dinner.  It was a lot of fun as it was their first time trying to eat with knitting needles, er, chop sticks.  They tried so hard but didn't do so well for their first time; they ended the evening with forks in hand.  I read my fortune from my cookie; it read:

          "The first step toward change is awareness.
                    The second step is acceptance."
                     Lucky Numbers 34, 17, 25, 44, 9, 42

I thought that was so fitting for me.  From this experience I have accepted that my children may have been able to eat their dinner better if their chop sticks were crochet hooks.  At least they'd have been able to loop the noodles up -- right?  ((grins))

I've been on the hunt for information again; looking to confirm more people to add to my "Famous Crocheters" webpage.  I'm still trying to confirm Patricia Arquette to the list; no luck yet.  I'm also looking to get my hands on the "Spiderman" movie to see if the actress, Rosemary Harris, who plays Peter Parker's aunt can be seen crocheting with a Tunisian crochet hook in one of the scenes.  I'm not sure which though and that might mean sitting through two movies.  (Is the movie any good?)

I received an email letting me know that actress Ellen Corby crocheted on the TV series "The Waltons," so she'll be going on the list. 

Word has it that Tyne Daly is both a crocheter and a knitter, and that she's featured in an old crochet magazine issue that has a toddler hat that looks like a strawberry or apple. (It might even be in an older issue of Vogue magazine.)  If you'd like to help me officially confirm Tyne and have the magazine issue stating she crochets, please let me know as each person listed on the "Famous Crocheter" page has to be confirmed.  (Hmmm, maybe my "lucky numbers" from my fortunre cookie relates to the magazine issue in question??)   The last time I looked to confirm Tyne I found another "famous crocheter:"  Meredith Deane, a child-actress who was crocheting on the set at the age of 9 and 10. 

My son handed me his cookie fortune:

          "The hard times will begin to fade.  Joy
                  will take their place."
               Lucky Numbers 34, 11, 27, 42, 5, 37

"Maybe," he said, "your readers have the information you are looking for."

How on earth did a six-year-old become so wise?  ;)

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