Thursday, October 27, 2005


You know what I love?  I love "illumination."  No, not the cartoons shown on television, and no, not the action of flicking on all the lights in the house.  The "illumination" I'm talking about are those moments of "eureka" when it all clicks together for a newbie crocheter.  I love the twinkle in the eye, the smile -- oh! I love everything about THAT moment!  Maybe that's the main reason I enjoy teaching crochet so much ... so I can see those moments happening...

After today's class I was shown a unique toy, and being that I embrace my inner child daily, I decided I have to get one!! (see image/link to the right)  Can you imagine pressing it after finishing every row -- and having the stitch count right? What a riot!!  

Speaking of "illumination," I was also over there at the Ritz camera website and found another toy I think I "must have" -- it's called "Photo Studio in a Box" and sells for $100.  Before I add it to my "Dear Santa" Wish List I plan on stopping at a local Ritz store to check it out first hand.  It sure sounds like a promising product -- or should I say "easy?"  heh heh heh

Finally, Jean Leinhauser, author of many, many cochet books and owner of the Crochet Partners online group asked what advice experienced crocheters would give beginners.  I offered the following:

R-epeat the process, skill comes with practice.
E-njoy the Process, it's not a speed contest.
L-oose stitches make the next row/step easier.
A-lways count your stitches.
X-periment; mistakes happen, learn from them.

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