Thursday, October 13, 2005

... and she's doing it too!

... during in the mightiest of clashes, crochet pervails!  And this means that columnst Lyn Cockburn is a crocheter too!  Here's the link "Make Visors Mandatory" where she admits to being hooked.  :)

Other exciting news, the free disco yarn from Bernat arrived today.  Even my daughter got a skein; since the two skeins match now comes the fun of deciding on what we'd like to use it for.  The color we received is called "Aqua Velvet" (no, the the cologne!).  It's more like a teal color with a lot of shine in the long bearding (it's furry like LB's Fun Fur). 

My schedule has been a bit tight this week, but I do have photos coming -- stay tuned!

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