Friday, October 7, 2005

Random Thoughts Towards the Weekend

I spent the bulk of my day today preparing a display that will be going up for auction at my children's school fundraiser.  I opted to "donate" my crochet skills and the designer yarn to crochet a Communion Cape for the winning bidder.  The display was foam board cut out like a torso.  I cut two notches at the bottom and inserted more of the foam board to make it stand up, added some netting, pinned on my daughter's cape to show what the bidder's cape will look like once I have measurements of their child, added a picture of my daughter wearing her cape, along with a "teaser" describing the item.  It was a lot of work, and hopefully it will pull in a good amount of bids to ultimately help the school.  I'll keep my hooks crossed.  {{grins}}

So, now that's it's raining and I'm in need of some "down time," I decided to take it easy this evening, maybe even have a glass of wine & tinker with some freeform (care to join me, Rose??? heh heh heh).  One way I've been getting in some relaxation is by "pre-holiday" shopping online (I love that there's no lines!).  I was over there at "" and decided to do a search for "crochet" and found "the motherload" of crochet books for less than what or is offering them!!  I then found a code that offers first time shoppers an additional 12% off  ('til 10/10) ... can it get any better???  Yeah, I was to have been relaxing, but finding crochet books on sale is sooooo exciting!!!  LOL

I plan on spending my spare time this weekend working on my mystery crochet project.  All I need is about 8 more inches on the main project before the finishing touches are added.  Of course it will be some time until I can lift the "cloud of mystery" off the project, but I did wantto mention that I'm working on it.  (How funny; my son is leaning over my shoulder looking at the image asking what the mystery project is!  He's seen me working on it but must have forgotten!  LOL)

Now, before I run off to get some Chinese food for dinner, I want to add one more thing ... click here & scroll to the end of the page to take the poll.  They're wondering if the gas prices have you staying home more (& stitching).  Go ahead and cast your vote.  :)

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Sure I'll join you, Dee, with pattern firmly in hand!!