Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Meet the Buyer

Today I'd like for my readers to meet the buyer of the Lacy Hats I featured for sale yesterday in the goal to raise funds for the American Cancer Society in memory of my Aunt who passed away this past weekend. 

I think the buyer is a very special lady who happens to be battling cancer herself!  ... And, she's a beginner crocheter saying, "I've never ever done more than a chain stitch and a double crochet stitch."  When I inquired if she tried the pattern for the hats she said, " ... I got 3 steps into the instructions and decided this was NOT the time for me to be learning a new trick lol"

She bought the special hats yesterday to bestow upon a friend of the family -- but says she just may keep one or two for herself!

Well, Pamela, keep an eye on out for your postal carrier ... there's a lil' somethin'-somethin' in there just for you!!!  (Update 10/28: Pam received her hats, along with the blue one pictured on the right that was crocheted just for her!)  Thank you, Pamela

Everyone else, go ahead and give her blog a visit: GirlsHeadNoise

Finally, I've been asked if I'll offer more hats for sale.  I thought about it -- and the answer is yes!  I bought more designer fibers today so you know my hook will be flying to crochet up more deliciously soft lacy caps!  I'm thinking I'll offer them next Monday, the last day of "Breast Cancer Awareness" Month.  Stay tuned!  J

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hehe .. i came over to snag a link to your journal since i planned on featuring your beautiful work in my journal entry today lol

i simply cannot wait to feel the caps !! or see whats behind the red x LOL

i hope you sell lots and lots of these caps .. i've been practicing different type stiches but i think its going to have to wait till i get new glasses .. i don't know if i'm even doing the stitches right hehe

thank you Dee thank you .. i just know Lisa (and me too!) are going to love the caps !!