Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thank Them

I am home with the kids today.  It will be a day of well needed cleaning.  After all, I cannot recall the color of the carpet in their room, find my son's gym clothes, or reach my "gift closet" that's in their room to put some items away.  I'm also in need of using their small bodies to snake between the wall and the wraparound couch to pick up fallen tapestry needles, crochet hooks, and the such.

So, before I enlist them into cleaning service, I want to make a special note that we should Thank a Vet today.  Heck, let's thank them all!  In time of war, and in time of peace, these men and women served to help protect our freedoms.  And I think that a little recognition and gratitude are well deserved by these people. 

If you don't know a vet, thank your parents and your grandparents.  Perhaps they didn't serve under a branch of our government, but I'm sure they made sacrifices somewhere down the line to support our troops.

Perhaps it was the way they gave up luxury items to ensure our troops got needed supplies.  Perhaps they volunteered to care for Vets in the hospital.  Perhaps they wore their clothing thin so they could save their money and purchase scarce yarn to crochet or knit up scarves, socks, vests and such for those serving in the military.  Either way, thank them.  Thank someone for the freedoms we all enjoy today.

In the line of thinking of scarves, I crocheted three yesterday.  And this means it's time for another update:

30 Scarves in 30 Days: (days remaining: 3)
....From Cris of Danbury (all knitted):       1 scarf and 5 hats
....As posted by Robin Anderson:                 8 preemie hats (NICU at University of MD hospital),
                                                               1 scarf (to go to YMCA homeless shelter) and
                                                               1 "Crochet for the Cure" (Lion Brand) scarf, the YWCA Homeless shelter
                                                                   2 adult hats (Lion Woolspun) for the YWCA Shelter in my church
                                                               1 scarf (Red Heartblue varigated) for the YWCA Shelter.
...From Lori of Greenwich:                      1 scarf
...From Ang W (via email):                      1 scarf went to homeless shelter in St. Stephens
... and from new crocheter, Stephanie, of New Fairfield:  1 scarf

and I now have 18 scarves done (plus a hat) ....
that brings us to 23 of the 30 Scarves in 30 days Challenge!!

Three days to go -- seven scarves needed to meet the Challenge.

                                                    Together, we CAN do it!!

If you'd like to aid in meeting this challenge, just knit or crochet up a scarf.  Then post here, or email me that you are donating a scarf -- don't forget to mention the charity you'll be giving it to!  We're looking to meet the 30 Scarves in 30 Days Challenge on November 14th!  Experienced and New crocheters and knitters are welcomed to participate!  ....and if you're looking for pattern to try, check out the free pattern I have on my website at


Anonymous said...

from Robin Andersen:

4 preemie caps for the U. Of MD NICU (Jamie)
2 purple scarfs for the YWCA Shelter in my church (Caron)
2 adult purple hats (to go with the scarfs) for the YWCA Shelter in my church...

all of my items are crocheted.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words for the vets :) We attended the veterans day parade.

You all are doing a great job with the scarves!