Saturday, November 6, 2004

"Six Chix" gets my Goat

I visited the King Features Syndicate website and began laughing.

I was laughing so hard, my children came to see what kind of mischief I was getting into.  :}

What got "my goat" was an introduction to the comic artist Kathryn LeMieux.  Many, many moons ago someone sent me the link to one of her comics about crocheting. The caption read, "Enid, for the love of God, put that crochet hook DOWN!!" The picture has a woman crocheting madly with her husband being the one demanding she put the hook down.  The reason?  Because her house is FILLED with crocheted items. Even the poor dog is covered in crochet! Crochet Comic What a riot!! ... the name of the comic strip is "Six Chix" and it's done on a rotation with six artists instead of one.

So besides the one I just described as tickling my funny bone, the one they have featured for October 22 is quite good too ...hahaha ... craftaholics! This is just too funny! -- and too true!!!  (LOL)  If you'd like to see more of this comic strip, just click onto the cartoon and it will take you directly to the website.

On the Crochet Homefront, I'll be spending the day getting my "homework assignments" done for tomorrow's Anniversary Workshop.  It should be quiet in the house as hubby & kids will be outside surveying the huge pine tree that came down during yesterday's 52 mph winds (that's wind speed higher than that of a tropical storm!).  Yeah, it freaked me out a bit because I was in the basement tending laundry when the earth "shook" from this massive tree hitting the ground. Fortunately no one was hurt, and nothing was damaged.  (Of course IF anything HAD been damaged, I'm sure I could have just whipped out my crochet hook & yarn, along with my trusty glue gun ... lol)

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Anonymous said...

yikes about those winds but glue guns can be very handy,lol
Those comics are funny, thanks for sharing them :)