Friday, November 26, 2004

It's that time of year

Well, it's that time of year -- it's finally arrived.  No, we're not talking about Christmas ...  we're talking about the Massive Leftover Season.  You know, turkey, ham, and such, with all the trimmings.   Mmmmmmm.

And I'm wishing I had brought some home.  Pumpkin pie for breakfast sounds good right about now. (lol)

So how was your Thanksgiving?  I had a great day and enjoyed the feast. I did control myself as I am trying to drop some weight.  I had read that you should sample everything offered. Only instead of eating a lot of it, you eat just two bites. This way you get the sensation without the guilt of overdoing it.  It seemed to work. I'm guilt free.

I also crocheted up a beautiful scarf in browns ... I used Chinchilla, Eros with a sparse eyelash, and a tweed using a "K" hook for the entire project.  It's really pretty and I'm thinking (after laying it along the backside of my couch) that it would make a pretty pillow cover. (This is known as a WIM: Work in Mind -- something I really don't have time for right now and have to throw into the "FUTURE" category!) The scarf will make a great gift for one of the three teachers I'm creating these for.  The night before I crocheted one in a blue/purple theme.  It doesn't look finished to me so I'll spend today enjoying my children while also searching through my stash for that "right touch" to add to it.

Now, to figure out where I can scrounge up a piece of pumpkin pie ...

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