Monday, November 29, 2004

Fa La La La La! Let the TRUE Shopping Begin!

Now that "Black Friday" (Saturday & Sunday too) are over with, we can get the serious shopping done -- for ourselves and for those that are like us with passion for crocheting.

For this we will need two things: a computer and a credit card.

Our first shopping stop will be at the website, shown on the right, known as Busy Bodies. Here we'll find T-shirts, bags, mugs and such that all proclaim what we already know, our love of crochet. Since the images are gender neutral, they'd be great for male and female crocheters. The site also offers other themes ... I personally could use the one that says "I hunt." ... just change the riffle to an armload of yarn please.

Whew! That was fun. Now lets stretch a bit and get ready to jump on over to Marnie MacLean's site which is just a hop away. Here we can get products that help declare that we are truly hookers and that we enjoy being so. It also offers products that show passion for knitting too -- so if for some reason I'm on your list, I can really use a Knitting Novice Button. Of course, it would need to be altered to fit me a bit more -- just add the word "EXTREME" so that it reads "Extreme Knitting Novice." Yep, that's me. (lol) I dunno why; perhaps it has something to do with being twice the tools and half the speed that is preventing me from getting in that well needed practice. (lol)

OK, we're doing great here! Our next stop is at Scrumblers. Here we'll find all sorts of wonderful goodies -- from cards and stickers, to clothes, and even an ornament for the tree, or for hanging on the rearview mirror in our cars. How great is that?!!!

Finally, I know, I know! All this shopping! We Crochet Diva's have better things we'd rather be doing, huh? (heh heh heh) Well then, let it be said -- and let everyone else know what we'd rather be doing by adding this item as one of our must haves:  I'd Rather be Crocheting License Plate frame.

As for the Christmas stockings that will be hung with care ... lets request that they're filled with gift certificates to our local yarn shops!  J

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