Monday, November 8, 2004

Oh, Say Can You See ...

I look like a cyborg today.  Not nearly as figuress as "Seven of Nine" ... but still feeling a bit like a cyborg.  I'm just not sure of which "collective" I'd belong to.

I awoke with swollen eyes and a red nose.  It's an allergic reaction.  To what, who knows.  Mold, dust, you get the picture.  I spent the day washing my eyes out with Visine, or with water.  It seems to help.  The swelling has gone down, but I still feel like a scary being.

Reading emails, or even working on my journal entry has been an on & off challenge.  I type this entry tonight with my eyes closed.  Resting. 

This just isn't a good time to having an allergic reaction!  I have some SERIOUS crocheting to do!

You see, I just got word that my poncho (see picture on the right) will be featured in an upcoming publication. This means that I need to write up the EXACT pattern, but in a different colorway.  I'm so excited!  So now, you can see (no pun intended) on why I need to have my eyes back to normal! (lol)

I do have a new update for the 30 scarves in 30 Days Challenge
     Cris of Danbury donated three more knitted hats
     and I completed two more scarves.

There's still time to get in on the Challenge ... Six days remaining!

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Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that..
here's an update from me on the 30 scarfs in 30 days
4 (more) preemie caps (Jaimie yarn) for the U. of MD. NICU
2 adult hats (Lion Woolspun) for the YWCA Shelter in my church
1 scarf (Red Heartblue varigated) for the YWCA Shelter.

Robin Andersen