Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tuesday Guest Bloggers

Entry by: Michele
TitledHow to make a Mother Happy

All my children have been surrounded by handmade crochet items while growing up and I never thought anything about them liking the stuff I made or not.

I have 5 children and when my oldest son asked me to make him a tablecloth as a Wedding present I burst into tears. Now his twin brother just got engaged and asked me to make one for him and his future wife.

Here's the one I am still making for Christopher and Yumi, they decided to get a new dinning room outfit so I am just waiting to find out the size and see if I have to make any more motifs then I can put the border on it.

David And Cathy are looking online for a pattern that they both like.

How to make a Mother Happy = ask her to make you something handmade!

Entry by: Elaine
TitledHappy Holiday!

Must be nice to have a day off for those of you lucky enough to work, lol. I am a stay-at-home, so today is like another day. Working on a cap for the poncho and never did this pattern before, so it is giving me fits! Thankfully a member of Crochet Partners is helping me out. She took pictures of how to do a tr3tog for me and made it into a little film clip! Can't wait till it hits my mailbox! Tee-hee.

Today's Blog is about Charity. [Above] is a picture of a Helmet that women all over are making and sending overseas to our troops. If you have a bit of yarn and a bit of time...

I can't take credit for this charity, got the idea from Lisa, who got the idea from someone else. Here is the link to the pattern and the instructions for mailing: 
http://www.geocities.com/helmetliner/ and here is Lisa'ssite: http://crochetandknittingdiva.blogspot.com/



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