Friday, February 17, 2006

No "Dibs!" for Dee

Someone forgot to call me.  Someone forgot to confirm the rumor and tell me to "come a-runnin" -- someone forgot to tell me that one of my yarn shop haunts is/has closed their doors.

                  Say it isn't so; say it isn't true!

Did I miss out on a yarn sale?!?  A CLEARANCE sale???  Did I miss out on the opportunity to snatch up dreamy fibers while screaming "DIBS!" ???  

                  Oh, I feel faint!

Did I miss a chance to say goodbye to a store where I've purchased yarn that I've still to crochet something spectacular with?  (Oh, the shame!)

Although I haven't visited the shop in the past year, I do want to go on record that Lee's store in Bedford Hills, NY, will be missed.  Lee, thank you for providing me with wondrously delicious fibers and warm smiles.  I wish you all the best!


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