Saturday, February 25, 2006

And So She's Back ...

I'd like to thank all of my Guest Bloggers for writing such wonderful entries about what we love so much: crocheting! Each one was filled with passion, and was absolutely fantastic!

So a BIG SHOUTOUT of THANKS goes to Amy, Elaine, Ellen, Karen, Michele, Robin, Sandy and Tina Marie!!  Thank You!!!  Job well done!! :D

     {{Insert sound of greatly appreciative applause here.}}

I will be announcing the Winner of the Birthday Blogging Entry contest tomorrow, so you'll want to be sure to come back and see who wins.  (I think that should be enough time for me to whip up the crocheted hat to draw the winning name from, don't you think?)

In the meantime I have some serious catching up to do!  I have photos that need downloading, uploading & hosting along with fiber adventures to sort out in preparation to share ... but first, I must look into procuring that last slice of Birthday Cake, and to attend the Bead Exposition taking place this weekend ... 

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smartspid36 said...

Hi Dee:  Only you can lure me to the computer this early on a Sunday morning.  Since March is Nat'l Crochet Month, can we do some kind of "event" to highlight crochet at KT?  I'm not sure what it would be but I dreamt about it last night (we were someplace outside, showing people what we do and why it's fun and creative.....  Just a thought.  See you Tuesday.  How was the cake?  Lori