Monday, February 6, 2006

Question From Reader: Freeform

Quietkat asks: "What is freeform crochet?"

Quietkat, thank you for contacting me and inquiring about what freeform crochet is.

I like to think of it as a rebellious type of crochet -- as a technique that dares to challenge the traditional rules of crochet, how it's applied, and how it's used.

It's a technique that lets you mix and match your fibers until you find a combination that's pleasing to your eye, and to your touch.

It's a technique that lets you use simple stitches, complex stitches, or a combination of the two.

It's a technique that lets you challenge yourself.  Do you want to create a variety of small motifs (think Prudence Mapstone) or larger motifs (think Margaret Hubert) -- or perhaps a combination of the two?

Freeform is a technique that welcomes the other fiber arts to be added in too: tatting, knitting, cross stitch, needlepoint, and macrame'.  Perhaps your passion includes jewelry -- well, you can add that into your freeform work too!   The beauty of it is that there are no rules.  Your work will be unique to that of another; in fact, many that enjoy the freeform technique can look at various works and know who's work it is!!  (Isn't that amazing?) 

Pictured on the left here is a project I started working on yesterday (yes, that is one of my new mannequins my sweet hubby surprised me with!) using the fibers pictured above.  I am crocheting a variety of shapes with a variety of yarns, stitches, and colors to my hearts' content with the goal of covering part of the front and some of the back shoulder area.  (Click onto image for larger view)  I am using fibers I found in my yarn stash -- purples, teals, and greens -- and just loved the entire creative process and freedoms this crochet technique has to offer! 

You can visit Prudence's website and order some of her books, visit Margaret's website and order her video, or visit websites like amazon, barnes & noble, or to find various books on the market.  Sometimes eBay has some great freeform reference materials that are worth their weight in gold (look for titles with "Silvia Cosh" and "James Walters")!   You may also be interested in joining a freeform online group (look to the right for the various online groups I belong to), and/or take classes.  For more reference material, do a search on the Internet using words like "freeform crochet" and "freeform knit."  ... and don't forget to click onto the "image" search option too -- be prepared to be inspired!  :)

Thanks for writing in Quietkat!


Anonymous said...

 Welcome back! Ive missed reading your exploites. I know I dont post in my journal everyday but Im used to you doing it and I love reading your blog. It encourages me in my crochet.
 I just love what you have done with that jean jacket. Im just going to have to do something with this freeform crochet style. Thanks for the encoragement to try new forms in crochet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee!  And does one crochet these items directly onto the jacket (using that as an example) somehow, or are they made separately and then sewn on?