Sunday, February 5, 2006

Super Sunday

I'm slowly emerging from my tortoise shell and embracing all that I love, all that I enjoy -- and what better day to do it on than on Super Bowl Sunday?

So what is bringing me out of my shell?  Was it the four mannequins my husband surprised me with when he came home from work on Friday?  Maybe.

"Happiness isn't in having what you want but rather in wanting what you have." 
            ~Chinese Fortune Cookie

Was it the crochet books that my kids found for me at our local library -- and insisted I take home to check out?  Could be.

Was it the sample yarns I received in the mail from my new "monthly subscription?"  Mmmmmmmm, maybe.

"Fear is the mind killer." 
        ~Paul Maud'dib, Character from Frank Herbert's Dune book series

Was it in discovering that Jennifer Love Hewitt might be a crocheter?  Nah, but it's pretty cool in thinking that she might be! 

Was it in relishing in the comments & emails you all have shared with me?  
Thank you so much!!

                             I think it's a combination of all of the above!

Star sent me an email stating, "we have to feel what we are feeling rather than suppress them" -- and she is so right!  I recall a class I took with Noreen Crone-Finlay at the 2004 CGOA National Crochet Conference where we created dolls.  I was a week into being treated for two ruptured discs in my spine -- talk about emotions -- eish!!  I still have that doll, and each time I hold her I feel the release of the emotions I had at that time.  What a powerful therapy!

So, with hook in hand and with a bowl of assorted fibers at my feet, I will do just that today.  I'm going to take these feelings and work them into fiber bliss.  I'm going to make today into a Super Sunday!  :)

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