Saturday, February 18, 2006

Blogging For Dee?

The children have school off for a week; my husband has the week off too!  This can only mean one thing: the start of my Birthday Week Extravaganza!  Yeehaw!!

I have decided to take the week off from blogging, from reading emails (oh who am I kidding on that one??), and to do some fun activities with my family.  I'll be crocheting -- like working on some unfinished projects, and staring new ones (yes, Madeline & Lori, I am working on the design for that scarf you love so much!) ... so I'm not abandoning the fiber world entirely.  It's just a time for me to kick up my heels a bit!  :)

This also means it's an opportunity for you, my readers, to fill in my shoes as I take this week to celebrate!  (I really think everyone should celebrate their birthdays for an entire week!  What fun!)  It means another contest and instead of the prize going to a charity, this time the prize comes to you!

Here's the Rules:
1.  You Blog for me, Dee, about a crochet topic that interests you!  Any entries not about crochet will not count, and will not be posted.
2.  Word count up to 500; images not required, but if you have some I'll try to post them with your entry.  Language/content must be clean.
3.  All participants who enter by either leaving their entry here as a comment or emailing it directly to me will be entered for winning a $20 Gift Card to use at don't know if they ship internationally, so for those that live outside of the US, you may want to contact their customer service first and inquire.)
4.  All qualifying participants will have their name dropped into a crocheted hat (but of course!) of which one winner will randomly be drawn by me. 
5. Contest runs from 9:00 AM (eastern time) Sunday, February 19, 2006 to 9:00 AM (eastern time) Saturday, February 26, 2006
6. All participants must provide a working email address (else how am I to get the Gift Card to the Winner?)
7.  Winner to be announced on Sunday, February 27, 2006.

So that's it!  See you all in a week!  J Gift Cards!


triquetra5100 said...

I can certainly add a blog entry for you, just not sure how??? I clicked the add entry button and it took me to my old aol blog, argh. Have plenty to say (Gee, what does that say about me?) Tee hee. Let me know how and I will be off and running. Would like to add images (got my poncho done!) but when I clicked the  image button it wanted an http:// addy which I don't know how to use (hmmmm), I blog on blogger and haven't used aol in ages!

uddernd said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, DEE!!!  I have started, but not finished, a crocheted purse.  Need to visit a nearby yarn store where stones are sold.  These stones have holes so that they may be sewn to the purse.  Then the purse will be finished.  Just finished a baby afghan last night for a friend's baby.  Have put my personal afghan on hold - actually I failed to purchase enough yarn.  My daughter keeps saying that my fiber stash is too large.  She keeps thinking of items for me to crochet.  Have a wonderful week, Dee.