Thursday, February 16, 2006

... ewephoric bliss ...

I love your site, and thank you for some really good info not found elsewhere. Keep it up! Cheers, Caroline

Thank you, Caroline!  I'm delighted you like the information I share.  If there's anything you'd like to see added, please let me know!  :)

     It comments like Caroline's that really bring a smile to my face; I just love it.  It makes me feel wonderful knowing it's all appreciated!  And so it's on that fantastic feeling that I want to take the advice of one of my bosses to heart: to do something "good"  just for me.  To do something that will make me feel great, something that reinforces the positive.  Kind of like rewarding yourself -- and with something more lasting than Godiva chocolate or an awesome cup of coffee! 

And so I have.  I signed myself up for a day of ewephoric bliss.  Yeah, that's right.  I said ewephoric bliss! 

I visited the
Wool Connection's website and signed up for a day of classes that will take place at their 13th Annual Ewephoric Weekend being held in Avon, CT, come this April.    Both classes I signed up for (I'm waiting for class confirmation) are with Barbara Hillary, a wonderful lady who also happens to be the Founder of the awesome New York City Crochet Guild -- the Crochet Guild of America's largest Chapter! 

This will be my first time attending this event and I'm soooo looking forward to it!   (Barbara, any chance you'll sing a little for us after one of the classes?  Girl, we know you can sing!  Please????)

I hope that you, my readers, all take this advice to heart too -- to do something today that will make you feel great!  Buy a never-tried-before skein of yarn; try a new-to-you crochet stitch; join a new online crochet group; or sign-up for a crochet class, and soon you'll be feeling this ewephoric bliss too!  ... and don't forget, you can double and triple that pleasure by getting a friend or two, or three to join you!    :)

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