Friday, February 10, 2006

Crochet + Contests = Fun

You got to love contests, especially those that involve crochet.  They're a great way to introduce new people to the art, and to inspire those already enjoying it.  With this being today's topic, I thought I'd share a few thoughts.

First, I want to thank everyone for their support for the Best of the Blogs Awards. Although I won the "Popular Vote," I did not place in the "Winner's Circle."  (For those that are emailing me inquiring why, I don't know that answer -- it had something to do with a point system.)  However, I am thrilled to have been listed as a finalist during the voting; the opportunity to share crochet was wonderful, and your support warms my heart! Thank you! I'd also like to take a moment and send Congratulations to the BOB Winners! (Click Here to see the Winners in the Knit/Craft category.)

Second, I want to thank those that entered into my
2nd Anniversary Blog-aversary/Birthday Celebration.  The winner is Gail with this submission (sang in the Oscar Mayer hot dog jingle):

I am a true yarn junky, that's J U N K Y
And I love to pet my yarn skeins, yes, D A I L Y
Oh, I'm so addicted to my craft,
That if you saw me you would laugh,
For all I do for all the day is C R O C H E T.

Congratulations Gail!!

Next, with today being the start of the Olympics, for those of you who do not know yet, there is Crochet Olympics taking place. To learn more, visit the
Crochet Olympics webpage. Hurry though! It starts at 2:00 PM (Eastern Time) today! 

Finally, I'd like to extend a big Blog-aversary greeting over to Amy who is celebrating her first year of cro-blogging! Give her a visit at "
Cats in my Craft Basket", and don't forget to enter into her contest where she's giving away a goodie basket!   Happy Blog-aversary Amy!! J 

And, Happy Blog-averary to Jocelyn who is also celebrating her first year of cro-blogging over there at Crochet CafeCongratulations Jocelyn!! J

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for the recognition, Dee!  Should I quit my day job? ;-D  Dee, I have been thinking about you with all that  you have been going through recently, and wishing you well.  This must be a pretty philosophical time for you, going through these traumatic events.  You certainly appear to be coping well, demonstrating a positive attitude, not stuffing your feelings, venting, and maintaining your sense of humor.  I'm sure you have been in many people's warm thoughts and prayers.  My best to you (((Dee)))